Meet Laura - the Director of Botanic Isles

Hi flower loves and botanical wanderers - my name is Laura and I am the Director here at Botanic Isles. This gorgeous company is mine and I put my very heart and soul into creating and designing these little pieces of Scotland for you all. 

I initially started my business with the aim to make high quality, fine metal Scottish botanical jewellery that doubled as wearable keepsakes of Scotland. My aim was to offer my art to people who would carry their jewellery piece everywhere with them, making memories as they went. I knew my jewellery had to be extremely durable and of the highest quality. This is why I only use eco resin and re-cycled sterling silver to make my pieces. 


How I started Botanic Isles - Freedom lost and freedom gained

I started my business many moons ago while working as a waitress in Glasgow. I worked extreme hours in a busy restaurant, often working 16 hours a day with a 30 min break and back to back with 8 hours in-between sometimes for a week or more. I began to long to be outside, to feel fresh air and be with my beloved nature and the freedom I had long lost.

At 22, I took the leap of faith and left my job and began the scary leap into self employment. I managed to save up a couple hundred pounds to start my company and began taking my pieces to craft fairs and soon I was travelling all over the UK for events, collecting as I went. At a small craft fair in Glasgow the National Trust for Scotland saw my work and from there my business exploded. I am so grateful to the NTS for that opportunity and I love continuing my work with them. 


What I am working on right now

Currently I reside in Perthshire but a lot of my botanicals come from Kirriemuir, where I lived just last year and amassed my large botanical library. Now that Covid rules are more relaxed, I am looking forward to making 2022 a year for travelling, collecting and working on producing personal videos on my new Youtube channel, explaining my work in greater detail and giving you a better glimpse into the world of BI. 

Right now I am working on my Jardin Collection, launching on the 20th March at 7pm. I have a tonne of photographing, making and uploading to do and I am so thrilled to be sharing it all with you so soon! Expect some amazing designs and more wild mushroom items. I am also bringing back our botanical rings and open lockets my popular demand. 



What I like to do in my rare free time

A huge passion of mine is collecting antique botanical books as well as abstract drawing and horse riding. I also love wild swimming at rivers in Angus but my mind is usually occupied with all things jewellery, small and fiddly. I find wild swimming so cleansing and I believe that it nourishes the body with minerals and releases the mind of stress. 

I have attached a photo of one of my larger drawings below. One of my drawings can take over a month to finish and I think it coincides nicely with the fine details of my jewellery. 


Thank you for spending this time with me. 

Much love - Laura x 


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