Studio finds - Botanic Isles

Hi flower loves, 
I wanted to share with you some goings on in my studio. Yesterday I found an old flower press from at least 4 years ago in storage - I used to press a lot before I moved onto other methods so I had no idea what could be hidden inside. To my delight, lots of tea stained ferns, one gorgeous bright green fern, some spleenworts and a few other pressed garden flowers. I much prefer the antique look of long pressed flowers to fresh and I think I may make some limited runs of studs with the flowers. If anyone would like the ferns for home decor, just give me an email and I'll send them to you. 
I still have several generous handfuls of wild mushrooms from last Autumn which I have made into a very small run of miniature worlds with moss and pixie cup lichen. In these dainty worlds you can, but not quite, peer into via my moulds in the top two images. I often am asked where I get my moulds - my love, Paul, makes them for me in our studio. Mould making is also a highly time consuming pursuit and requires us to freeze the moulds overnight. Nonetheless, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing a big tray of crystal clear moulds on your desk in the morning! I am filling up the moulds today and I plan to do a mould popping video on Friday for you all via Insta and FB. 
A few images of not even 1% of what I am working on right now and placing all the tiny botanicals on top took me around 7 hours. This is what the bezels look like before the top, ultra glossy layer goes on top. I only use eco resin which is a by product of the petrol industry and would have otherwise been thrown away and doesn't contain the same potency of chemical as cheaper resins do. My flowers only come from Scottish farms where I have been given permission and I never take much. It is far more vital that the insects, plants and birds thrive. I do wonder though, in 100, 200, 500 years from now, will my jewellery be seen almost like amber with little botanicals preserved inside?
Due to me receiving my bezels super, super late from the courier, I have had to postpone my Jardin Collection until the 21st March, still in plenty of time for Mother's Day and I'll run a special offer then too. 
Have a lovely day and thank you for reading!
Laura x 

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